Smokehouse Installation and Service Int. Ltd.
Authorized Service Partner of VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH.


With more than 10 Years experiences we will find the solution to all your Questions


 I arrived to North America from Hungary,Europe. As I work since 2002 in strength contact with VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH, it was an obvious idee, to continue  do the same profession in North America, to give the best service for all VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH Customers around Canada and United States.I installed serviced, and made Start up processes for all kind of VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH Products, included Smokehouses, Steam cookers, Intensive Coolers, and Maturing-, Post Maturing Rooms around a world.

America  Canada, US, Jamaica

Around Europe Austria,Croatia,Danmark,Finnland,Germany,Hungary,Polen,Serbia,Slovenia,Slowakia,Sweden

Afrika  Eritrea

Asia  Thailand, Philippines



Before I estabilished S.I.S. I was Product Manager of VEMAG ANLAGENBAU GmbH in North America, as employed by one of the largest Food Industry supplier in North America